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New perspectives, meaningful cultural encounters, customization. connection, dynamic experiences.
High school leaders explore and enhance valuable skills and tools to utilize on campus and beyond.
Connect with what you have learned in the classroom through an authentic journey across Israel.
Create a lasting impact as you see Israel through a new lens while giving back to the community.
Discover a new connection to the land of Israel, and its people through a week of volunteering.
Advance as a leader and expand your skill-set through discussion and authentic encounters.
Explore Israel on a journey that connects your yearning to travel and professional interests.
Amplify your career and leadership skills through an adventure catered to specific campuses.
Through a historically Jewish lens, participants explore a variety of perspectives and narratives.
Customized itineraries that include upscale accommodations, extraordinary speakers, and more.
Crafted to elevate, educate, & challenge both Jewish & non-Jewish campus leaders on campus.
Collaborative, innovative programs & tools to bring Israel to your community/communities!

Why Choose Us?

Non-Profit Organization

As a non-profit organization, our goals are the same as yours. Our dynamic, tailor-made programs are designed with your mission and values as the main focus, ensuring that the experience pushes beyond expectations through a gratifying and life-changing journey.

Tailor-Made Programs

Catering to the variety of interests and needs of participants and values of each partnering organization, our programs are built to allow each individual in any group to carry out their journey in a way makes the most sense to them and create a relationship to Israel that is meaningful to them.

Pioneers in Education

Rooted in creating impactful relationships between Americans and Israelis, the experiences we provide are not merely informative, but also transformative, as participants gain insight and understanding, not only because of what they did, but through the people they met.

Dynamic Itineraries

Crafted with the goal of facilitating personal growth and strengthening cohesive group bonding, Shorashim's multifaceted itineraries are customizable to the goals and values of any program, providing countless lenses by which to connect to Israel.

Dedicated Team

Championed by a passionate team of individuals in Israel and North America, Shorashim's full-time staff are knowledgable, passionate, motivated, and provide around the clock support to our partners and participants.

Overall Excellence with Years of Experience

Shorashim's 30+ years of expertise in building and executing immersive, authentic, pluralistic experience in Israel and beyond is apparent through everything from the premium, unparalleled itineraries to the exceptional staff that offer above-and-beyond logistical and programmatic support.

What Makes Shorashim Exceptional

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