Professional Development

About Professional Development Programs

We work in valued partnership with a variety of different organizations to extend the circle by identifying the needs of educating certain communities and creating tailored programs for niche groups.

In order to successfully craft these experiences, we work with groups with common professional interest bases and within particular fields including medicine, law, high-tech, business, education, and more. 

By traveling with a group with common interests and professional goals, members of these communities experience Israel for themselves and  develop their own unique relationship with Israel.

Ackowledging the need for participants to step out of their comfort zones and expand their boundaries, we recognize the important for members of these particular communities, groups, and professional fields to experience Israel for themselves and to spread the knowlege gained through their experiences to their community, colleagues, networks, and greater professional community back home.


More about Professional Development

"The Shorashim educational and logistics teams work to tailor every element of the Israel travel experience to the needs of participants and the goals of each unique program. Nowhere do we feel this as directly as in the nuanced itinerary we have developed with Shorashim for trips that are part of our collaborative work with the Archdiocese of Chicago to help teachers in Catholic high schools bring Modern Israel into their classrooms. Together, we've created a trip that is unlike any other -- a trip that advances the very specific mission of our work."

- Carl Schrag, Israel Education Consultant, JUF's Israel Education Center