8th Grade School

About Eighth Grade School Experiences

We understand the importance of instilling love for Israel at a young age.

Through eighth grade school experiences in Israel, participants connect to Jewish peoplehood as they travel throughout Israel on an immersive journey with their peers.

Our dynamic programs feature innovative itinerary elements and offer state-of-the-art on the ground support.

These one-of-kind adventures propel participants to travel through Israel with their classmates and connect to to the land, people, culture, and so much more in a unique way.

These programs incorporate mifgash, authentic encounters with Israelis, into this journey.

Through these encounters, particpants create bonds that extend beyond their classmates as they form relationships with Israelis their own age.

These connections lead to not only a better understanding and longer lasting connection to Israel, but an adventure that is eye-opening, offering new perspectives through each student's experience with the locals.

Beyond this, students are able to form unique bonds that cannot be mimicked in the classroom because of the transformative, riveting experiences they shared with one another in Israel.

By relating to and connecting the material that is taught in the classroom to Israel and their experience, students are able to learn, grow, and understand the importance of Israel, its people, and their Jewish identity.