Customized Campus

About Customized College Experiences

These compelling programs bring students from universities to Israel on a customized journey.

These immersive experiences allow students to develop their leadership skills, immerse themselves in their career interests and professional goals, and expand their worldview, all while experiencing a one-of-a-kind adventure with other students from their college campus.

Working with a variety of campuses and focusing on an array of interests and specialties, we are able to craft customized programs that are rooted in the values of both our organization and university partners.

These programs work to successfully advance students' academic, professional, and personal development on dynamic journeys through Israel that are tailor-made for the students participating in each program.

More about Customized Campus

"I have had the pleasure of working closely with Shorashim over the last five years. I deeply respect and enjoy working with Shorashim, both as the trip operator for our Birthright Israel trips, and also as the trip operator for MIT Hillel’s Birthright Extension program. This unique opportunity adds five extra days to the Birthright experience and allows MIT students to explore Israel through the lens of Israel as the “Start-Up Nation.” With the exceptional help of Shorashim, we are able to hand craft an itinerary together, offering our students the chance to visit hi-tech companies, labs, and start-ups, along with incorporating home hospitality and interactions with MIT Alumni living and working in Israel. Shorashim’s staff are always there to support my every need. I am beyond impressed with how intentional everyone is and how hard they work to not only meet, but constantly exceed expectations. There are countless reasons why I enjoy partnering with Shorashim, but above all, it’s their creative, attentive, hard working diligence and commitment to excellence that has allowed for our Extension program to grow into a sustainable and successful educational experience for MIT students."

-Shoshana Gibbor, MIT Hillel Director of Birthright and Israel Engagement