Leadership Programs

About Leadership Programs

Geared towards college students and post graduates, these programs take participants on a journey through Israel's achievements and challenges.

By participating in discussion and dialogue, participants grow and learn both how bring Israel home with them.

Through the variety of leadership programs we offer, participants are granted the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Israel.

The manner in which participants connect to Israel allows them to ingrain their key experiences in their current and future leadership roles, both professionally and personally, because of the information they gain access to, skills that develop through their experiences, relationships they build, and networking opportunities that they take part in during each program.

More about Leadership Programs

"[Shorashim's] knowledge of Israel, dedication to education, and exceptional customer service are unparalleled. From building an itinerary to execution on the ground, their partnership has enabled us to build a program that has successfully trained the future leaders of the Greater Washington Jewish community."

-Sarah Arenstein, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington