Helping in a Time of Need

Shalom Friends,

In this terrible hour, our hearts and our minds are with our friends in Israel as they struggle to protect themselves, their families, and their country.

As has been the case in difficult times in the past, our hearts are warmed by Shorashim alumni, parents, and friends who have asked how they can help. In response to what appears may be a more protracted conflict, we are offering several suggestions for action:

  • If you have been on a Shorashim trip to Israel, reach out to your Israeli friends with a message of support. If you have ever staffed a trip, contact your participants to see if they have any questions. These signs of support mean more than you may think - see our facebook page for some touching exchanges.
  • Shorashim is aiding JNF/KKL and Hugei Sayarut in the creation of a camp for young people and families from the war-torn southern region. Given the massive recruitment of reserve soldiers, staffing the camp will be difficult. We will be recruiting and hiring from the ranks of our staff who have lost work due to the conflict. A donation of $360 can pay for a staff person for one day at camp; a donation of $180 can provide for one child to attend camp for a day.
  • We will be preparing care packages and other hospitality gifts for Shorashim staff, alumni, and families who are serving on the front and who have relocated from their home due to rocket fire. A donation of any amount can help.

You can make a tax-deductible donation below or by calling us (M-F, 9-5 CST) at 312-267-0677. 100% of all donations (less any payment processing fees) will be sent to Israel for one of these causes. If we are fortunate to see an end to the conflict soon, we will use all funds to help those whose lives were immediately impacted by relocation.

Thank you for asking us for ways to help - we all hope and pray for a quick end to this conflict and the long-term peace and security of Israel and its citizens.