About Shorashim

Shorashim is a nonprofit organization devoted to building bridges between Israeli and North American Jews.

Bicultural programs are the foundation of Shorashim. Americans and Israelis travel, live and learn side by side as they explore Israel. By the end of the program participants are forever changed. North American participants have a deeper understanding of Judaism and Israel - not only because of what they did, but as a result of the people they met.

Israeli participants are dynamic, warm, enthusiastic students and young adults. They are excited and ready to show the Americans the beauty and complexity of their country. In addition, they look forward to learning about Jewish life in America.

Learning is a two-way process on Shorashim. Participants are the heart and soul of our programs. Shorashim is committed to a pluralistic Jewish experience. Shorashim reaches out to American youth from all the major denominations and to Israelis from the religious and non-religious sectors.

Shorashim programs observe Shabbat and the laws of Kashrut.